Monday, 30 March 2015

A Happy Family

Doodles with his parrot

Just a brief update

I know I've been neglecting this blog. I'm sorry for any who have been concerned or wondering about Doodles. I'm happy to announce that Doodles or "the Dood" is a member of our family. He is a wonderful little cat who showers us with affection. Although at times he and Gimli have had a few "spats", they often play in the evenings and share the window while they watch the birds outside. Doodles has become more vocal, he likes to tell us when birds are present or he'll sit by the door calling for one of us. 

His litter eating problem seems a thing of the past. The Purrfect Bistro gluten free food appears to have helped considerably. Doodles still has the need to chew on things but it's not a consistent problem. Gim isn't eating the same food so they have to be fed separately, this is slightly annoying and has resulted in misbehaving on Gimi's part (like picking furniture and attacking us). I hope that in time, with training, Gim will stop attacking us and destroying our furniture. I thought perhaps he needed to be fed a weight loss kibble because he seems fat. After trying to feed him portions we realized he wasn't overeating at all. He's just fat, for no apparent reason lol. I'm guessing because he's older and more inactive then he was when he was a kitten, either way, I hope it doesn't spiral out of control and he ends up like my dad's cat, Moo (over 20 lbs!!!). 

The boys cuddling at Christmas

Gimli being defiant

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