Friday, 24 October 2014

Snicker Doodles: October Update

How is Doodles?

First I'd like to apologize to anyone who has been wondering what's been going on with us. I haven't posted anything recently because we were facing some health issues with Doodles. Toward the end of September we noticed Doodles was trying to eat his litter, which is a serious health concern as the clumping components in litter can cause blockages in the intestine. If this happens cats can become very ill and if not treated it could even be fatal. We did have confirmation that he had a large blockage, after given an enema he was able to pass the stool and go the bathroom regularly. The vet also provided him with a hypo-allergenic food, as we had concerns the blockage may have stemmed from a food allergy or vitamin deficiency. It's been a few weeks since we've had him back home and his health has improved. He's coming off of his laxative so his stool should improve. We're trying both him and Gimli on a grain-free food, in case Doodles has a gluten allergy. We've noticed scabs on Doodles ears, even though we've never seen him scratch, this is usually indicative of skin irritation or an allergy. His skin has also been red and patchy.

Looking back at our timeline we realized that in early September we switched him to a newer version of his Royal Canin food, we wonder if he developed an allergic reaction to it. We will continue to test him on this new food and hope to see an improvement. We did find him attempting to eat his paper litter (a safer alternative to clumping litter) which means if he had access to clay he would definitely eat it. Fingers crossed things get better for us!! This has been a very frustrating and disheartening experience for us, all we want is to see little Doodles get better.


  1. Oh I'm sorry you are having problems!
    We have had problems following switching fodder a couple of times, but Royal Canin is usually very good. Now we stick to the two brands we know works for our kitties.
    But I have to ask; Is he a 100% indoor kitt? Because kitties need to clean out their bowels regularly, by eating grass and such. My boy eats like half a straw every day, I see him on the patio chewing away the weeds. If your kitty is 100% indoor you might wanna grow cat grass in a low and wide pot, just cut it regularly!

  2. Hi Miss Misantropia!

    Like Gimli, Doodles is strictly an indoor cat. We tried to encourage him to eat cat grass but he's not very interested in it. None the less we've kept it on hand in hopes that he'll eventually change his mind. Our old cat Milo loved cat grass, which is why we were hopeful Doodles would take to it. He seems to think it's just a toy and only wants it if we shake it in front of him lol. Perhaps the Merrick brand food might help him out, I'll post on his progress throughout the coming months. :)

  3. En este mes tan hermoso te deseo mucho amor
    Y abundante paz muy dentro de tu corazón.
    Un abrazo cálido !!!
    De Tu amiga
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