Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Snicker Doodle: Observations

Observing Snicker Doodles' Behavior

As you can see from the photograph above, Doodles has settled very nicely into our home. His confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. I have made some important observations about his personality. I believe this may help a potential adoptive family to better understand him.

Getting to know Doodles

  • Doodles does not like loud noises or rapid and excessive movements, therefore, I believe he would be better suited to a home without small children or dogs.
  • Doodles is strictly an indoor cat.
  • He has very good litter habits.
  • He is a hearty eater and is highly energetic.
  • Doodles enjoys looking outside windows or relaxing in his favorite chair.
  • He is comfortable being a lap cat and enjoys being cuddled.
  • Given that he has a shy and often skittish disposition it is advisable that he be adopted into a mature home with someone who understands his behavior.
  • Doodles adores toys of all kinds. He particularly likes the laser pen and toys with feathers on them.
  • Doodles does very well with other cats.
  • He will allow you to trim his claws when he is relaxed and cuddly.
  • He can be left unattended at night, he is confident with his surroundings.
  • He knows to stay off the dining table and counter tops (unlike Gimli).
  • He is okay with new people. My brother babysat him on the weekend and said Doodles is very affectionate cat. Doodles has only seen my brother once before for a few minutes, this is huge progress! 

What we're working on

  • Doodles hates his carrier. We are currently training him to be more comfortable with the carrier but have had little success thus far.
  • Doodles strongly dislikes being picked up. This poses a particular issue because sometimes you need to pick your cat up. We're trying our best to get him accustom to being picked up and held but he gets scared and squirms a lot.
  • He likes the fridge a little too much. Every time we open the door he's in there, we are discouraging this behavior.

That's all I have for now. I hope in the future those last few things will be worked through. Doodles is a special cat who requires love and patience. I know in time he'll overcome those few obstacles. : ) 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Happy Birthday Gimli!

Special Memories

It's hard to believe my kitty is growing up so fast. : ) I remember when I brought him home, he was just a sweet little ball of fur! Now he's triple the size of his baby toys. I have so many awesome memories of when he was a kitten. He used to be very vocal. I recall him "yelling" at me all the time whether it was for milk, play or cuddles. As an adult, he isn't as talkative as he used to be but he's so much more affectionate. Gimli really is becoming a relaxed adult cat and I thought it would take ages to get to this point!

We have a very strong bond. : ) I used to sing him lullabies when he was a kitten and if I sing one to him now it still lulls him to sleep!

Gimli with his octopus - it used to be the same size as him! 

Happy Birthday my love!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Snicker Doodle: Day 28

 Sweet dreams

I would love to say that these two slept beside each other for the majority of the afternoon but I'd be lying. After I took the picture Gimli got up and left. : P I'm happy to see Doodles trying to get closer to Gimli with each passing day. Gimli has been feeling a little under the weather and he's trying to manage a hairball (he's never really had one before). Each time he starts to cough he gets a little freaked out. I gave him some malt medicine, which he loves, and I've seen some improvement. Today he is very tired. I'm hoping he'll feel better soon. I was keeping a fold out mattress in the sewing room in case I needed to sleep with Doodles at night. Gimli instantly fell in love with it. I folded it up and moved it into the office where it now acts as a giant cat bed. This afternoon I came in to find Gimli sleeping on it and Doodles attempting as best he could to cuddle up to him. Too bad for Doodles! Gimli, being grumpy as usual, decided to bite poor Doodles' ankles until he left. I'm sure in time he'll be more open to the idea of cuddling with another cat but for now Gimli prefers to keep a distance of at least ten inches.