In Memoriam

In loving memory of Milo

On May 24th 2014, we said goodbye to a beautiful little cat known to us as Milo. Milo was a small orange tabby that we rescued when he was a kitten, stranded at the side of the road. We later learned that this fragile little thing was suffering from Feline Leukemia, a virus it was born with. We experienced the fear and dread that accompanies a positive FLV test, however, with the strength of love in our hearts, we were able to see past the virus and continue loving our cat. We never gave much thought to how long we would have together in this life. Instead we spent each day snuggling, playing and living it up.

When it came time to let our baby go we were overwhelmed with heartache. We felt powerless. I felt I had lost a battle against FLV. Now I have a more optimistic viewpoint, I realize that we were the winners after all. Instead of allowing this virus to control our lives and instead of giving up too early, we were blessed with nearly three years of joyous love and companionship with Milo. Every morning we'd awake to Milo's friendly disposition; his cuddles, his cries and his eagerness to play. He never wanted to be away from us. I'm glad there were so many days spent with him by our side. We cherish these memories more than anything in the world; not only do they bring us comfort but they inspire us.

It is in Milo's honor that my fiance and I have become foster parents. We want to help cats that are in need, cats that are just like Milo.

"For there is no greater joy known to the world than the love and companionship of a cat."