Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Snicker Doodle: Day 28

 Sweet dreams

I would love to say that these two slept beside each other for the majority of the afternoon but I'd be lying. After I took the picture Gimli got up and left. : P I'm happy to see Doodles trying to get closer to Gimli with each passing day. Gimli has been feeling a little under the weather and he's trying to manage a hairball (he's never really had one before). Each time he starts to cough he gets a little freaked out. I gave him some malt medicine, which he loves, and I've seen some improvement. Today he is very tired. I'm hoping he'll feel better soon. I was keeping a fold out mattress in the sewing room in case I needed to sleep with Doodles at night. Gimli instantly fell in love with it. I folded it up and moved it into the office where it now acts as a giant cat bed. This afternoon I came in to find Gimli sleeping on it and Doodles attempting as best he could to cuddle up to him. Too bad for Doodles! Gimli, being grumpy as usual, decided to bite poor Doodles' ankles until he left. I'm sure in time he'll be more open to the idea of cuddling with another cat but for now Gimli prefers to keep a distance of at least ten inches. 


  1. I love the photos ;o) Poor Doodles' ankles!

    1. Thank you! They're very photogenic cats. Doodles is such a nice cat, He doesn't even let Gimli's bites and growls deter him from cuddling.